• When should I be there?

You are welcome to the start/meeting point 10 minutes before your Husky tour appointment scheduled time.

  • I have never done dogsledding before. Is this for me?

Yes absolutely! There is no pre-experience required to enjoy our dogsled tours.

We always start the activity with instructions about how to drive a sled, when to use the break and communicating with the dogs.

You are never alone on the track, an experienced guide is with you at all times during the tour. You will follow the guide during the whole tour and we always wait for every participant.

  • How many participants can drive their own sled at the same time?

We have 4 sleds for our guests, so 4 adults can drive and 4 kids can sit in the sleds under one same tour. If there are teenagers coming they can share the same sled and switch roles (driver/passenger) during the tour. The weight limit for this duo is 120-130kg.

  • I can not drive the sled (I’m pregnant/injured/have bad balance/problem with knees or back). Is there is a dogsled tour for me?

Yes, we have a special sled tour where you sit comfortably while the guide is driving the sled. Look at our Family Husky tour!

  • Is it possible to combine the Family Husky tour with the other sled tours?

No unfortunately. The big family sled requires 8 dogs and a special track. But we can plan your respective sled tours so that they start after each other so you can see your family and friends coming back and starting their dogsled tour.

  • Which clothes should I wear?

Wear your skiing clothes, that is perfect. You don’t need a helmet but you can absolutely wear one if you want.

Wear normal winter shoes (no skiing shoes allowed!).

Wear mittens or gloves, of course, and take your goggles in case it is windy or snowy weather.

  • Are the dogs friendly?

Yes, definitely! All our dogs are friendly and love to be cuddled. Of course they can barck loudly but it’s because they are impatient to run!

  • Can I take pictures or videos during the tour?

Please don’t! Focus on your dogsled experience and on driving the sled. But if you share the sled with a passenger, he/she can absolutely film or take as many pictures as you want.

We make some breaks under the dogsledge tour to take pictures of you (for free, with your phone). You will also have some time after the tour to pat the dogs and take pictures!

  • Is it possible to come without appointment or booking?

No unfortunately we do not have “drop in” possibilities as we are fully booked almost every day, every tour. Please book your dogsled tour online (click here)

  • What happens if the COVID-19 restrictions do not allow us to come?

In regards with Covid-19 situation, in case of government’s restrictions, we will reimburse 50% of your activity or rebook you for our summer activities.